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Welcome to Planning Notes, a series of informative brochures produced by the Dane County Planning Division. Each issue of Planning Notes contains useful information and reference material on a specific land use issue or topic, including the following:

  • Recommended "best practices" for farmland preservation, local land use, and comprehensive planning
  • Land use policy guidance for Dane County towns
  • General information about Dane County land use processes

In future issues of Planning Notes we hope to address these additional topics:

  • Comprehensive Planning for towns: a model plan
  • CDBG and HOME programs - the basics
  • BUILD Program - the basics
  • Revolving Loan Funds - the basics
  • Great Neighborhoods
  • Working with a consultant

We hope that Planning Notes will prove to be a useful resource for Dane County residents and elected officials. If you have suggestions for topics we should cover in future issues of Planning Notes, please contact us at:

Planning Notes
CCB Room 116
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Madison, WI 53703


All documents are in Adobe Acrobat format unless otherwise specified.

Revised: October 7th, 2011