Planning & Development Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

In light of the emerging COVID-19 crisis, the Dane County Planning & Development office will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC effective 4:30pm, Wednesday March 18th. Department staff will continue to answer questions and process zoning applications via phone and email, where possible.

Component Plans


The Town plans, developed locally and adopted by the Dane County Board, include descriptions of existing conditions, goals and objectives that outline the desired future of the community, a planned land use map illustrating the pattern of land uses, and policies that the town believes will achieve its overall goals. The planned land use map specifies agricultural preservation areas and potential development areas and is tied directly to policies in the plan text that are used to guide decision making on such matters as development proposals, zoning changes and land divisions.

Towns periodically amend and update their land use or comprehensive plans. Changes to town plans that are approved by the County Board become amendments to the Dane County Comprehensive Plan and are used by the County Zoning and Land Regulation Committee as criteria for zoning recommendations.

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Revised: November 20th, 2012