Comprehensive Revision of Dane County Zoning Ordinance

On September 21, 2017 the ZLR Comprehensive Revision of Chapter 10 Subcommittee recommended a draft ordinance to the Zoning and Land Regulations committee. The subcommittee completed its work on October 16, 2017 and has prepared a draft zoning ordinance for Dane County. Prior to county board introduction of the new ordinance, the Department of Planning and Development is soliciting input and answering questions from the general public, town plan commissions and town boards.

The Zoning and Land Regulations committee will hold public hearings on the ordinance before it is adopted by the county board. Once adopted by the county board, each town board will have one year to determine whether or not to adopt the new county zoning ordinance. During this time, the old ordinance will remain in effect. Over the course of 2018, Dane County Department of Planning and Development staff will be working with town plan commissions, town boards and landowners to revise proposed zoning maps to meet individual needs and adopted town comprehensive plans.

Subcommittee Draft Recommended to ZLR Committee

What’s Changing in the New Ordinance?

How Will My Zoning Change?

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For More Information, Contact:

Brian Standing, Senior Planner
Dane County Department of Planning and Development
Room 116, City County Building
Madison, WI 53703