Customer Service Survey

What was the nature of your nature of your recent visit to the Zoning Office?
General Information
Problem Resolution
Technical Assistance
Permitting Assistance
Which service area was this contact related to?
Zoning Enforcement/Permitting
Zoning Approval Process
Please choose as appropriate
Staff was courteous and helpful.
Staff provided complete, accurate information to me.
Staff was available to assist me in a timely manner.
My overall experience was positive.
Were you adequately made aware of all process requirements?
How familiar are you or were you with our process prior to this experience?
How long did the overall process take?
What time did you start the process with our office and what day of the week?
Please complete the section below if your contact with us involved Permitting assistance.
The application form and instructions were understandable.
Any questions I had about the application or permit were adequately answered.
The terms or conditions or the permit were provided to me.
If you feel we fell short in meeting your service expectations, please describe the situation and the name of the staff person involved:
As a result of your experience with us, what service related improvements can you recommend?