Comprehensive Revision of Chapter 10, Dane County Code

Comparison of New and Old districts

If you're currently zoned… … your new zoning will be:**
A-1 (Agriculture - non-exclusive) One of the following:
A-1 (ex) [Exclusive Agriculture]* FP-35 (Farmland Preservation)
A-2 (1) (Agriculture) RR-1 (Rural Residential)
A-2 (Agriculture) RM-16 (Rural Mixed-Use)
A-2(2) (Agriculture) RR-2 (Rural Residential)
A-2(4) (Agriculture) RR-4 (Rural Residential)
A-2(8) (Agriculture) RM-8 (Rural Mixed-Use)
A-3 (Agriculture Transitional) AT-35 (Agriculture Transitional)
A-4 (Small-Acreage Agricultural) FP-1 (Farmland Preservation)
A-B (Agriculture Business) FP-B (Farmland Preservation Business)
A-Ba (Agriculture Business - Transitional) AT-B (Agriculture Transitional Business)
B-1 (Local Business) [near historic hamlet] HAM-M (Hamlet Mixed-Use)
B-1 (Local Business) [not near hamlet] GC (General Commercial)
C-1 (Commercial) GC (General Commercial)
C-2 (Commercial) HC (Heavy Commercial)
CO-1 (Conservancy) NR-C (Natural Resource Conservancy)
LC-1 (Limited Commercial) LC (Limited Commercial)
M-1 (Manufacturing) MI (Manufacturing and Industrial)
R-1 (Residential) SFR-08 (Single Family Residential)
R-1a (Residential) SFR-1 (Single-Family Residential)
R-2 (Residential) SFR-08 (Single Family Residential)
R-3 (Residential) SFR-08 (Single Family Residential)
R-3a (Residential) TFR-08 (Two-Family Residential)
R-4 (Residential) MFR-08 (Multi-Family Residential)
RE-1 (Recreational) RE (Recreational)
RH-1 (Rural Homes) RR-2 (Rural Residential)
RH-2 (Rural Homes) RR-4 (Rural Residential)
RH-3 (Rural Homes) RR-8 (Rural Residential)
RH-4 (Rural Homes) RM-16 (Rural Mixed-Use)

*Existing A-1(ex) parcels smaller than 35 acres will be zoned based on current use, parcel size and neighboring zoning.

** Zoning parcels more than twice the minimum lot size for the new district will be zoned based on current use, parcel size and neighboring zoning.

New Districts

HAM-R (Hamlet Residential) Small residential lots created prior to county zoning and in or near historic unincorporated hamlets.

RI (Rural Industrial) Existing processing operations, salvage yards, composting operations and similar uses in a rural location and with an approved CUP.

UTIL (Utility and Right-of-Way) Existing public or private rights-of-way, parking areas, utilities, or vacant scraps of land too small for development.

NR-I (Natural Resource Identification Overlay) Not mapped. To be used in the future for areas identified in town plans where more detailed site information is needed prior to development.

Unchanged Districts

The following current zoning districts will not change in the new ordinance.

  • TDR-S (Transfer of Development Rights Sending Area)
  • TDR-R (Transfer of Development Rights Receiving Area)
  • HD (Historic Overlay)
  • PUD (Planned Unit Development)