Dane County Comprehensive Plan Water Resources Goals

  1. Develop comprehensive water management policies for Dane County, considering the connections between land-use, urban growth, and surface water and groundwater issues.
  2. Decrease flooding and flood-related problems within Dane County and in areas affected by Dane County drainage.
  3. Protect, improve and rehabilitate the quality and quantity of groundwater in Dane County. Provide a sustainable supply of drinking water while maintaining the natural hydrologic cycle and groundwater-dependent ecosystems.
  4. Protect and rehabilitate the water quality and clarity of the surface water resources of Dane County to support: native fish and aquatic life populations; ecological functions; natural scenic beauty; public health and safety, and; water-based recreation. Surface water resources include rural and urban lakes, rivers, wetlands and watersheds.
  5. Develop and promote a countywide system of resource protection corridors based on watersheds as a framework to protect the natural environment and scenic values, and provide outdoor recreation opportunities.

(excerpted from Chapter 5: Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources, Dane County Comprehensive Plan, 2007 )