Planning & Development Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

In light of the emerging COVID-19 crisis, the Dane County Planning & Development office will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC effective 4:30pm, Wednesday March 18th. Department staff will continue to answer questions and process zoning applications via phone and email, where possible.

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Comprehensive Revision of Dane County Zoning Ordinance

In February of 2016, the Dane County Board adopted 2016 Resolution 431, which created the Zoning and Land Regulations Comprehensive Revision of Chapter 10 Subcommittee, charged with overseeing the comprehensive revision of the Dane County Zoning Ordinance. This is the first time in the zoning ordinance's 78-year history that it has been comprehensively revised. More information on this project is available here.

Mission Statement

Dane County Zoning strives to protect natural resources, maintain community character and promote sustainable economic development while balancing public and private needs.

Zoning and Plat Review Responsibilities

Dane County has regulatory authority over many construction and development activities in the unincorporated areas of the County. Unincorporated areas are lands within the boundary of a town, and outside of a city or village. Dane County does not have authority over activities in cities and villages.

The County has six main regulatory review and approval processes for construction and land development activities. These processes include the following:

If you are considering a project in the unincorporated areas of the county Dane County Planning & Development Staff would be happy to discuss your proposal should you need any assistance. Similarly, we recommend contacting your Town Clerk to discuss local regulations before filing applications with Dane County.

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Contact Information

Zoning Division phone numbers: (608) 266-4266 and (608) 266-9083


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